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Video by @pedromcbride | Balancing Act: A day of traffic on the flank of America’s most iconic national park. I created this time-lapse merge to show what loving a place to death visually looks like. In eight hours on an average Tuesday, my camera captured 263 helicopter flights and some 40 boat rides on the southwest boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. This wave of industrial tourism creates financial stability for the neighboring tribal community but raises questions of safety, noise, and park protection. You can learn more about this project and its lates content @pedromcbride. #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #nature #access #balance #conservation petemcbride
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Photo by @simoncroberts | Visitors to the Ttukseom Hangang Park, an urban green space in Seoul, sit in the shade of a motorway overpass. Hangang, also known as the Han River, is the main body of water that runs through the middle of the capital city of South Korea. As in many cities, urban planners in Seoul have realized the significance of parks and green spaces to help combat issues of air pollution, improve public health, and to meet demands for increased leisure time. Follow @simoncroberts to see more photographs from this series and other works. #SimonRoberts #TtukseomPark #Hangang #SouthKorea #Seoul #urbanlandscapes urbanparks
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Photo by Charlie Hamilton James @chamiltonjames | A lone male elephant reaches for fresh leaves in the branches in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, last week. We all know about the threats facing elephants and their decline in many parks across Africa. But in Gorongosa, elephant numbers are recovering. Years of civil war wiped out much of the park's wildlife, and poaching persisted until recently. However, increased security and investment into the park and the people who live in and around it have brought life back and now the park is thriving again. The story of Gorongosa will be featured in @natgeo magazine next year.
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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | 5 a.m. on the first morning on Wegener Halvø peninsula as sea fog rolls in over Nathorst Fjord. We continued our watches on land in 2.5-hour shifts, mostly observing musk oxex, though looking out for bigger furry white creatures too. It was a great opportunity for me to take photographs, though my partners were less enthusiastic at being awake in the middle of the night. Chris is seen here starting his watch, wandering off toward the cook/food tent to see what may be approaching in the midst. EAGRE18 @greenland_caves
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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Meral, a 9-year-old Afghan refugee girl who dreams of becoming a queen. I portrayed Meral on November 5, 2018, in a camp north of Athens. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis, follow me @mmuheisen @everydayrefugees and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen everydayrefugees
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Photo by @BrianSkerry | A young harbor seal peeks at me over a mound of surf grass at Cortes Banks, a range of underwater mountains located 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA. This location, well known for stormy weather and giant waves, is a hotspot of biodiversity with an abundance of marine life found here. Places like this are oases of life in the sea, where each animal plays a role. Yet such places could easily be destroyed by a single fishing trawl net being dragged through it or by undersea drilling, and few would ever know it existed. Naturalist John Muir once said, ""When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” Throughout my career of exploring our planet and especially the oceans, I have found this to be true: Everything is connected and every creature matters. Follow @BrianSkerry and visit the undersea world! #cortesbanks #johnmuir #california #marineprotection #seals #harborseal seamounts
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Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | Harvesting #cranberries OceanSpray is a grower-owned co-op, where each member gets profit dividends according to the number of barrels delivered. The Dempzes have owned this farm for four generations, and helped me get off the ground by fixing the carburetor on my motorized paraglider! Farmers know how to fix stuff! To see more follow @geosteinmetz
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Wild_Life with @bertiegregory | Once factories of death, the abandoned whaling stations on the Island of South Georgia are now packed full of life. Fur seals, elephant seals and penguins, once hunted, now live amongst the ruins. This island is living proof that with protection and a lot of hard work, it is possible for wild places to come back from the brink. One part of South Georgia’s resurrection is still missing though; watch this week’s episode of Wild_Life to find out more. // Check out the new season of Wild_Life at
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Photo by @TimLaman | A Buffy Fish Owl triggers my camera trap on a natural treefall over a river in Borneo’s Gunung Palung National Park. I currently have a set of camera traps operating in a remote part of this spectacular lowland rain forest for my latest @NatGeo Society project. Why? Gunung Palung has one of the best remaining lowland rain forests in all of Borneo, and I want to tell the story of the richness of the biodiversity there, especially the species few people get to see. I’m going out to Indonesia every few months, but in between, my team members from @saveGPorangutans and #TamanNasionalGunungPalung #cameratrap #owl #Indonesia #GunungPalung Borneo
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Photo by @edkashi | Scene from the Tarantsy River in Madagascar. Image made as part of the 2010 @Prix_Pictet Commission. Photo by @edkashi #edkashi #Madagascar #PrixPictet #fromthearchives #tbt #travel #onassignment #environment #sustainability azafady
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Photo by @PaulNicklen | Every single dive is a different experience, and I am driven by the adrenaline that comes with exploring the mystery of our oceans. My encounter with this male orca in Norway was a highlight of my career. He swam within mere inches of me and kept disappearing into the dark water before racing toward me and faking me out again and again. He playfully reacted when I jerked my head back during one of his passes. I live for these kinds of interactions. To experience the personality and charisma of an apex predator on their terms. My team and I are back in Norway to continue where we left off in 2016, photographing these beautiful creatures. It is a privilege to share the water with them, and I hope to return with images and stories that will inspire and give justice to this species and their ecosystem. #FollowMe #Norway #orca #ocean underwaterphotography
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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Kasumi doesn’t want her hair to be brushed. I was on the world’s only floating animal sanctuary while on assignment for @natgeo in Amsterdam. De Poezenboot, which is Dutch for “the Catboat” hosts around 50 stray and abandoned cats, 17 of which are permanent residents that have lived on the boat for several years. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic muhammedmuheisen